USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program


Summary: North Carolina has received $6,761,937 to support 113 projects, including 41 research and/or education projects, 14 extension projects and 38 producer-led projects. North Carolina also has received additional SARE support through multi-state projects.

State sustainable agriculture extension coordinator(s):  -Paul Mueller, NC State Univ., Dept. of Crop Science

                                                                                -John O'Sullivan, NC A&T State University

Project #    Project Title                                       SARE support    Project Leader    Organization

LS06-193    Grafting rootstocks onto heirloom and               $193,000.00             Mary Peet                 NCSU Dept.

                     locally adapted tomato selections to confer                                                Horticultural Science

                     resistance to root-knot nematodes and

                     other soil borne diseases and to increase

                     nutrient uptake efficiency in an intensive

                     farming system for market gardeners

LS05-169    Exploiting the Organic Peanut Market:               $159,000.00             Mark A.                        Hebert Green

                     Design of Production Systems                                               Boudreau                       Agroecology

LS05-178    Sustainability indicators as management              $250,000.00         Ada Wossink                                NCSU

                     tools to guide farmers, scientists, policy                                                                    Dept Agric &

                     makers and the general public                                                                              Resource Economics

LS05-173    Microarray analysis and functional assays        $250,000.00         Frank Louws                    NCSUDept Plant

                     to assess microbial ecology and disease                                                                        Pathology

                     suppression in soils under organic or

                     sustainable management

LS04-165    Renewing the Agriculture of the Middle:  A        $15,500.00         Scott Marlow                         RAFI-USA

                     Planning grant request to develop a

                     Southern Strategy

LS04-161    Evaluation of Beneficial Insect Habitat for          $72,539.00               David Orr                          Entomology, NCSU

                     Organic Farms

LS04-158    N2-fixation and weed competition:  breaking       $248,000.00           Mike Burton                       NCSU, Crops

                      the connection between crops and weeds                    

    Project #    Project Title    SARE support    Project Leader    Organization

LS03-154    Examining pasture-based dairy systems to     $226,903.00    Steven P.     North Carolina State

                     optimize profitability environmental impact,                      Washburn        Univ

                     animal health and milk quality

LS03-146    Appalachian Grown: Toward Regional     $154,030.00    Gary F. Gumz    Appalachian Sust.

                     Community-based Food Systems                     Agric. Project-ASAP

LS02-134    The Importance of Genetics: biological     $182,386.00    Donald E. Bixby    Amer. Livestock

                     fitness and productivity in range-based                      Breeds Cons.

                     systems comparing standard turkey

                     varieties and industrial stocks

LS02-132    Cover Cropping and Residue Management     $99,154.00    Keith Baldwin    NC A&T Univ

                     for Weed Suppression, Soil Fertility and

                     Organic Crop Production

LS01-126    Sustaining Ecological and Economic     $180,431.00    Sarah Warren    North Carolina State

                     Diversity Among Limited Resource        University

                     Landholders by Expanding Opportunities

                     for Management of Productive Woodlands

LS01-122    The Importance of Genetics: Assessing     $18,002.04    Donald Bixby    American Livestock

                     Immunological Health of Standard Turkey                      Breeds Conservancy

                     Varieties vs. Industrial Turkey Stocks for

                     Sustainable Turkey Production Systems

LS01-128    Influence of Microbial Species and     $167,842.00   Dr. Jean Ristaino    North Carolina State

                     Functional Diversity in Soils on Pathogen      University

                     Dispersal and Ecosystem Processes in

                     Organic and Conventional Agroecosystems

LS01-120    Long-term, Large-scale Systems Research     $230,000.00    Paul Mueller    North Carolina State

                     Directed Toward Agricultural Sustainability     University

LS00-109    Increasing Growers' Quality of Life Through    $45,516.00    Susan Andreatta    Dept. of

                      Direct Marketing:  The Role of Farmers                      Anthropology UNCG

                     Markets and CSA

LS00-110    The Impact of Agricultural Systems on Soil     $191,263.00    Mary     NC State, Dept of

                     Quality and Sustainability                     Barbercheck                     Entomology

LS99-106    Integrated Crop and Sylvan Systems with     $156,262.00    Charles W.     North Carolina A&T

                     Swine: a State and National Initiative                     Talbott

    Project #    Project Title    SARE support    Project Leader    Organization

LS98-094        A Model for Long-Term, Large-Scale     $256,604.00   J. Paul Mueller    North Carolina State

                     Systems Research Directed Toward          University, Crop

                     Agricultural Sustainability                     Science

LS98-091    Development of Decision Support Systems     $26,204.00    Frederick     Forestry

                     for Improvement of Silvicultural Practices                      Cubbage                     Department, North

                     on Farm-Based Non-Industrial Private                      Carolina State

LS97-086    Equal Access to Agriculture Programs and     $151,290.00    David Harris    Land Loss

                     Opportunities                     Prevention Project

LS96-077    Development of Sustainable Cropping     $182,751.00   M. R. Reddy    NCA & T State

                     Systems for Seedless Watermelon and Fall                     University, Natural

                      Lettuce in Rotation with Green Manures                     Resources and


LS95-060.1    Animal Waste, Winter Cover Crops, and     $96,691.00    Kenneth R.     North Carolina State

                     Biological Antagonists for Sustained                      Barker                University

                     Management of Columbia Lance and Other

                      Associated Nematodes on Cotton

AS95-018    Wildlife Enhancement and Education as a     $75,000.00    Peter Bromley    North Carolina State

                     Catalyst in the Widespread Implementation                    University

                     of Sustainable Agriculture Practices (Also

                     listed as LS95-065)

AS95-021    Reduced-Risk Cockroach Control in     $38,840.00    Coby Schal    North Carolina State

                     Confined Animal Production   University

LS95-065    Wildlife Enhancement and Education as a     $173,205.00    Peter Bromley    North Carolina State

                     Catalyst in the Widespread Implementation                    University

                     of Sustainable Agriculture Practices (Also

                     listed as AS95-18)

LS94-063    Regional Center for Sustainable Dairy     $180,497.00    Steve Washburn    North Carolina State


LS94-059    Assessing the Impact of Beneficial Insect     $17,735.00    George K.     North Carolina State

                     Populations on Organic Farms (AS94-013)                     Kennedy           University

    Project #    Project Title    SARE support    Project Leader    Organization

LS94-060    Animal Waste, Winter Cover Crops, and     $143,412.00    Kenneth R.     North Carolina State

                     Biological Antagonists for Sustained                      Barker                University

                     Management of Nematodes on Cotton

AS94-013    Assessing the Impact of Beneficial Insect     George K.     North Carolina State

                     Populations on Organic Farms                      Kennedy           University

                     (Continuation of LS94-059)

LS92-045    Organic Nitrogen Sources for     $120,000.00    Wanda W.     North Carolina State

                     Sweetpotatoes: Production Potential and                      Collins                University,

      Horticultural Science

AS92-005    Effects of Sustainable and Conventional     $130,000.00    John R.     North Carolina State

                     Agriculture on Farm Wildlife                     Anderson Jr.      University

AS92-006    Use of Organic Nitrogen Sources for     $15,000.00    Wanda W.     North Carolina State

                     Sweetpotatoes:  Production Potential and                      Collins                University,

                     Economic Feasibility                     Horticultural Science

LS91-032    Economically Viable Production of     $37,000.00    Mary M. Peet    NCSU

                     Vegetables in The Southern Region Using

                     Low-input and Sustainable Techniques: A

LS91-035    Improved Nitrogen Use-Efficiency in Cover     $179,992.00    Michael Wagger    North Carolina State

                     Crop Based Production Systems         University

LS90-026    Swine Waste -- Low-cost Alternative to     $50,000.00    J. Paul Mueller    North Carolina State

                     Commercial Fertilizer for Production of     University

                     Forage for Grazing Cattle

LS89-014    On-Farm Demonstrations and Research of     $100,000.00    William W. Dow    Carolina Farm

                     Low-input Sustainable Farming                     Stewardship


LS89-018    Composting Poultry Litter -- Economics and    $15,000.00    L. M. Safley, Jr.    North Carolina State

                      Market Potential of a Renewable Resource       University

LS88-009        A Comparison of Cropping Systems     $255,000.00    Larry King    North Carolina State

                     Managed Conventionally or with Reduced        University

                     Chemical Input

    Project #    Project Title    SARE support    Project Leader    Organization

LS88-005    Planning Funds for a Proposal on     $15,000.00    M. Ray     North Carolina A &

                     Extending the Issue of Sustainable      T State University

                     Agriculture to Small Farms in North

                     Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia

LS88-006    Planning Grant: On-farm Demonstration of     $15,000.00    William W. Dow    Carolina Farm

                     Low-input Farming                     Stewardship



ES06-083    Pasture Pork 101:  Comprehensive Agent     $62,500.00    Susan Mellage    North Carolina State

                     Training in Pasture-based Hog production   Univ

ES05-079    Direct Market Training for Agricultural     $96,757.00    S. Gary Bullen    North Carolina State

                     Professionals    University

ES05-078    Sustainable Production Systems for     $109,444.00    Charles Bassett    American Livestock

                     Range-Reared Standard Turkeys                     Breeds Conservancy

ES03-065    Building Sustainable Soil Systems    $117,848.00    Keith Baldwin    NC A&T State


ES03-066    Producer managed efforts in marketing of     $89,400.00    John O’Sullivan    NC A&T State

                     livestock & livestock products                     University

ES01-058    Sustaining Agriculture Through Community     $49,884.00    Robin     The Sustainable

                     Partnerships                     Kohanowich                     Farming Program

ES00-047    Training in Alternative Research Strategies    $101,800.00    Keith Baldwin    NC Cooperative

                      for Sustainable Farming Systems                     Extension Service

ES98-040    Grazing Management Training to Enhance     $31,745.00    Jim Green    North Carolina State

                     the Sustainability of Pasture-Based Beef     University, Crop

                     Production Systems                     Science Dept.

ES98-039    Multi Disciplinary Training on Pasture-    $52,578.00    Steve Washburn     North Carolina State

                     Based Dairy Systems - A Sustainable        University

                     Alternative for the Region

    Project #    Project Title    SARE support    Project Leader    Organization

ES99-043    Multimedia Training Resources on     $39,870.00    Mary M. Peet    North Carolina State

                     Sustainable Greenhouse Vegetable     University

ES98-042    Training in Agriculture Program (TAP)    $17,890.00    Dorothy Barker    Operation Spring

        Plant, Inc.

ES97-014    Southern Region Sustainable Ag Training     $116,723.00    Roger G.     North Carolina State

                     Consortium                     Crickenberger   University

ES97-025    Building Capacity in Sustainable     $97,500.00    Nancy Creamer    North Carolina State

                     Agriculture:  A Comprehensive Training       University

                     Program in Organic Farming Systems

LST94-001    Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture     $199,620.00    Roger G.     North Carolina State

                     Training Consortium (LST96-8)                     Crickenberger   University


FS06-199    Capillary Irrigation for Container Nurseries:     $9,867.00    Ellen J.     Coastal Plain

                     a practical alternative to overhead irrigation?                     Colodney, M.D.                     Conservation

      Nursery, Inc

FS06-197    Increasing Economic Viability and     $7,485.00    Amy Ager    Hickory Nut Gap

                     Promoting  Sustainable Agriculture through                     Farm – Spring

   House Meats

FS06-211    Value from byproducts of the Southern     $9,925.00    Ben Webb    Sandy Cross

                     Wine Grape Industry

FS06-206        A Diversifying and Marketing Strategy for     $9,976.00    Nancy C. Moretz

                     Sustaining Small Farm Agriculture

FS04-185    Farmstead Cheese (Queso Blanco) for the     $4,361.00    Tom Shore

                     Latino Food Market

FS03-164    Test Growing & Marketing Specialty Woody    $8,555.00    Susan Wright     Shady Grove

                      Cutflowers                     Cochran                     Gardens & Nursery

FS03-175    Greenhouse Grown Fraser Fir Tree     $7,593.00    Justin Wells    Sugar Grove

          Botanical Farm, Inc.

    Project #    Project Title    SARE support    Project Leader    Organization

FS03-171    Made In the Shade: Dairy Goat Woodland     $9,900.00     Brit Pfann    Celebrity Dairy

                     Grazing Project

FS03-170    Short- and Long-term Crop Replacement     $9,787.00    Phyllis Kinlaw

                     Project                     Pate

FS03-167    Mountain Tailgate Market Association     $14,280.00    Charlie Jackson    Mountain Tailgate

                     Marketing Initiative                     Market Association

FS03-163    Managing Beneficial Insects and Using Pest    $9,950.00    Charles A.     Watauga River

                      Trap Crops in Organic Broccoli                     Church

FS02-152    Biodiverse-Organic Christmas Tree     $9,333.00    Mark Lackey

FS02-146    Farmscaping Organic Broccoli to Increase     $9,855.00    Charles Church    Watauga River

                     Beneficial Insect Numbers

FS01-132    Ginsing Production Utilizing Natural     $9,986.00    Robert Eidus    Eagle Feather Farm


FS00-114    Creating a Tailgate Farmers Market    $4,380.00    Annie Louise


FS00-128    Direct Marketing Opportunities to Improve     $9,050.00    Andy

                     Economic Outlook                     Youngblood

FS99-096    Use of Low Value Hardwoods for Shiitake     $1,929.00    Walter H.

                     Mushroom Production                     Rayburn Jr.

FS99-085    The Effects of Cover Crops on Weed and     $9,935.00    Sam Bellamy    Indigo Farms

                     Insect Management in Blackberries

FS99-105    Low Cost Compost Screening    $2,975.00    Carl Weston

FS99-097    Oriental Persimmons and PawPaws:  Two     $6,534.00    Lesley Sanderson

                     Sustainable Crops for the South

FS99-091    Ratite Marketing Education Program    $7,250.00    Tina Hurdt

    Project #    Project Title    SARE support    Project Leader    Organization

FS98-068    Late Blight Suppression in Tomatoes --     $5,800.00    Tom Elmore    Thatchmore Farm

                     Using Competing Fungi on Leaf Surfaces

FS98-071    Workshop on Parasite Control Through     $6,545.00    Susan Gladin

                     On-Farm Fecal Studies

FS98-076    Development of Low Input Sustainable     $2,690.00    Jacqueline Jones

                     Practices for Rose Production

FS98-083    Organic Specialty Lettuce Production in     $7,455.00    John Vollmer

                     Tobacco Greenhouses

FS98-078    High-Fructose Corn Syrup as a     $2,224.00    Hubert Morris

                     Replacement for Mepiquat to Reduce

                     Vegetative Growth in Cotton

FS97-054    Forest Site Preparation with Swine    $5,088.00    Thomas


FS97-048    Evaluation of Mycorrhizal Inoculation on     $650.00    Daniel Dorsey

                     Growth and Quality of Three Eastern North

                     Carolina Christmas Tree Species

FS97-051    Effect of Different Application Rates of     $2,317.00    John Hart

                     Swine Lagoon Effluent on Corn and Wheat

FS96-038    Multiple On-Farm Use of Aquatic Plants     $9,575.00    Harvey Harman    Sustenance Farm

                     and Animals

FS96-044    Alternatives to Chemicals in the Peanut     $9,366.00    Hubert Morris

                     Cotton Rotation

FS96-037    Identification of Cover Crops to Enhance     $8,452.00    Kenny Haines    Misty Morning Farm

                     the Habitat of Specific Beneficial Insects in

                     Sustainable Production Systems

FS96-035    Aquaculture Conversion Model     $6,000.00    Benny Bunting

                     Emphasizing Poultry and Hog Facilities Re-

                     Use and Recycled On-Farm Resources

FS95-034    Hydroponic Vegetable Production in     $9,975.00    Carl Zietlow    Best Trout and

                     Conjunction with a Trout Farming                      Organic Farm

    Project #    Project Title    SARE support    Project Leader    Organization

FS95-027    Demonstration of High Value, Small Scale     $9,612.00    Larry & Judy

                     Sustainable Vegetable and Fruit                      McPherson

                     Production Methods

FS94-007    Perennial Warm Season Grasses as     $733.00    Norman and

                     Summer Pasture                     Karen Jordan

FS94-013    Plant Shelters to Extend the Growing     $3,550.00    Richard Morgan    Harmony Herb Farm

                     Season for Herbs

FS94-008    Meat Goats for Weed Control and     $2,020.00    Tony Kern     KC Ranch

                     Alternative Income on Cattle Operations

    Community Innovation

CS05-033    Women Farmers Building a Healthy     $9,900.00    Shelly Connor    Blue Ridge Women

                     Community and Economy in the High        in Agriculture


CS04-027    Agricultural Community Support Across     $10,000.00    Tom Elmore    Land-of-Sky

                     Boundaries                     Regional Council

CS04-021       A Strategy for Sustaining Henderson     $8,500.00    Joshua Freeman    Henderson County

                     County Agricultural Communities                     North Carolina

CS04-030    Healthy Livestock Agriculture & Healthy     $10,000.00    Sally Norton    The Univ of North

                     People:  Connecting Local Pasture-Raised                      Carolina at Chapel

                     Food and Consumers in Central North                      Hill

   Dept Physical

     Medicine &


CS03-018    New River Sustainable Agriculture     $10,000.00    Hollis Wild    New River

                     Marketing Plan                     Community Partners

CS03-009    Strengthening Rural Communities Through     $9,941.00    Susan Andreatta    The University of

                     Direct Marketing                     North Carolina at

   Greensboro -

   Project Green Leaf

    Project #    Project Title    SARE support    Project Leader    Organization

CS02-005    SouthEastern North Carolina Agri-Tourism     $7,000.00    Nancy Hunt    The Conservation

                     Corridor Development                     Fund

       Graduate Student Grants

GS06-055    Combining socioeconomic and ecological     $9,999.00     Dr. Dean Urban/    Duke University,

                     analysis to determine the optimal         Henry, Lucy                     Nicholas School of

                     distribution of green payments in the                      the  Environment

                     Albermarie Sound region of North Carolina                     and Earth Sciences

GS06-052    Testing technologies for affordable     $9,914.00     Dr. Marie     Dept of Technology

             Hoepfl/ Strauch,    Appalachian State

            Yonatan        University

GS06-051    Effects of management practices and plant     $9,780.00     Dr. James     North Carolina State

                     growth regulators on the allelopathic                      Burton/ Sickler,       University

                     potential of rye (Secale cereale)                     Christine

GS05-046    Inducing Disease Resistance and     $10,000.00    Frank Louws    North Carolina State

                     Increased Production in Organic Heirloom        University

                     Tomato Production Through Grafting                     Department of Plant

GS04-034    Optimizing substrates, composts, and     $10,000.00    Mary Peet    NCSU - Dept Hort

                     fertilizer additions for organic transplant                      Science

GS04-032    Effects of Tillage, Rotation, and Organic     $9,998.00    Greg Hoyt    NCSU, Dept. of Soil

                     Inputs on Soil Ecological Properties in                      Science

                     Vegetable Crop Production Systems

GS03-027    Natural Vegetation and its Influence on     $9,932.00     J. Paul Mueller    NCSU

                     Weed Populations in Neighboring Fields

GS03-028    Evaluation of Beneficial Insect Habitat for     $10,000.00    David Orr    NCSU

                     Organic Farms

GS01-008    Breeding a Better Cover Crop: A Screen of     $9,986.00    Chris Reberg-    North Carolina State

                     Rye Germplasm for Weed Suppression and                     Horton               University

                      Nitrogen Scavenging

GS00-006    Evaluation of Cover Crops and     $9,927.00    Danielle     Dept. of

                     Conservation Tillage for Conventional and                      Treadwell                     Horticulture, NCSU

                     Organic Sweetpotato Production in North

    Project #    Project Title    SARE support    Project Leader    Organization

GS00-004    Interactions Between Predators and Insect-    $10,000.00    C. Marie Newman    NC State University,

                     Parasitic Nematodes in Soil                Dept. Entomology

         On-Farm Grants

OS06-032    Opportunities for pasture-raised Jersey     $14,952.00    Steve Washburn    NCSU

                     beef in the Southeast

OS05-025    Salmonella Contamination and Antibiotic     $9,542.39    Larry Modlin    Warren Wilson

                     Resistance on Pastured Poultry and                      College

                     Conventional Poultry Farms

               Total funding from USDA SARE program to North Carolina = $6,761,937

For further information on projects, contact Sue Blum,, 770-229-3350, or Valerie Berton, SARE National Communications Specialist,, 301-504-5230.

SARE is a national USDA program that provides competitive grants, educational materials and extension programs to develop

and support approaches that enhance profits, protect the environment and improve rural quality of life.