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Awards & Grants

Dr. John O'Sullivan

Adjunct Professor Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology

Farm Management & NC Cooperative Extension Program Marketing Specialist NC A&T State University Greensboro, NC 27420

PO Box 21928, Greensboro, NC 27420
336-334-7957 (Phone)
336-334-7432 (Fax)

Responsibilities: Program work with small farm and limited resource audiences; primarily on development of small business opportunities through local niche markets and sound marketing practices; alternative agricultural opportunities and more environmentally sensitive production practices and community based leadership development. Program data management and analysis; evaluation of the impacts of agricultural and economic development projects. Active in Cooperative Extension State Major Program Teams and Task Forces working on the issues of profitability, sustainability and community involvement of the small, limited resource audience.


1983 MS Agricultural Economics Auburn University Auburn, Alabama
1976 Ph.D. African History UCLA Los Angeles, CA.
1973 MA African Studies UCLA Los Angeles, CA.
1968 BA History Stanford University Stanford, CA.


Speak and read French well, also speak Bambara (Malinké).

Professional Experience and Interest

Agricultural, community and rural development work. Community and rural development education questions. Over twenty years experience with rural development. Working experience in leadership development, farming systems research, small scale production and economic development which includes small scale agriculture in the Southern United States as well as Central and West Africa. Experience with marketing and record keeping problems of limited resource farmers in the United States. Evaluation of extension programs and development efforts from a social science perspective. Seven years teaching students on campus in higher education, one year as the Director of the Center for Rural Development at Tuskegee University, twelve years as an extension specialist.

Academic Positions

1983-Present Adjunct Professor
Dept. of Agricultural Economics North Carolina A & T State University.

1981-1982 Associate Professor of African History
Tuskegee Institute, Alabama.

1977-1981 Assistant Professor of African History
Tuskegee Institute.

1973-1976 Instructor of African and Afro-American History
California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo (position held for four semesters total.)

Academic Responsibilities

Taught graduate courses in international agricultural development; directed a master's thesis student's research on decision making by small farmers in western counties of North Carolina; taught undergraduate courses in American History, African-American History, African History, World History, and Historiography; student advising; and university service committees.

Extension and School of Agriculture Management Responsibilities

1995 - present Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator at NCA&TSU. Worked collaboratively with Dr. Paul Mueller at NCSU to develop and implement a Strategic Plan for Sustainable Agriculture in North Carolina. Coordinated with a Sustainable agriculture Steering Committee of the School of Agriculture at NCA&TSU in the development of a Sustainable Agriculture Strategic Plan at NCA&TSU.

1995- 1997 Co-leader of the NCA&TSU Cooperative Extension specialist group (Center of Excellence). Co-coordinated the development of a Strategic Plan, Operational Guidelines, Peer Evaluation process. Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator at NCA&TSU.

1994 - present NCA&TSU representative on the W.K. Kellogg Foundation funded project, Partners in Agriculture, a community based collaborative sustainable agriculture project. Involved in leadership development, evaluation and site demonstration coordination.

1994 - present NCA&TSU representative in the Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Professional Development Program Management Team (Chapter 3 training), collaborating with Dr. Roger Crickenberger at NCSU and Mr. Jim Lukens with NCAT/ ATTRA to promote sustainable agriculture training in the southern region.

1989-1990 Team Leader of a USDA special funded Committee to develop a Taxonomy on Alternative Agricultural Opportunities; developed the Taxonomy and a Glossary of terms and presented the taxonomy at a national invitational conference held in June, 1990 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (15 days per year).

1988-1990 Member of the sub-Committee of the Southern Rural Development Center on Alternative Sources of Income from on-farm and off-farm sources for Small and Limited Resource Farmers. (10 days per year).

1987 - 1990 Southern Regional Technical Advisory Committee on Low Input Sustainable Agriculture (LISA) reviewing and ranking proposals, visiting and reviewing funded projects (20 days per year).

1984-1986 Home Campus Coordinator for Guinea Smallholder Production Planning Project. Assisted SECID Project Manager with various administrative and technical questions. Coordinator of the Niger Integrated Livestock Project (A&T component) in collaboration with the School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University.

1981-1982 Director, Center for Rural Development, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama. Directed a USAID funded 2ll-d grant for international agricultural development with an annual budget of $150,000. Coordinated research and teaching efforts of a public health sociologist and agricultural economist for a farming systems approach to both domestic and international programs.

Cooperative Extension Program Responsibilities

1995 - present Co-chair of the CEMP #14, Marketing and Production of Alternative Agricultural Opportunities and Enterprises. Develop and submit budget for program development by the SMP team. Coordinate annual conference training.

1995 - present Member of the team developing programs as part of the W.K. Kellogg funded project based at NCA&TSU, Voices Reaching Visions. Involved in site visits in north central and north east North Carolina. Economic, organizational, leadership and community development model focus. Participating in shared evaluation and learning process.

1993 - present Member of the team working on the W.K. Kellogg Foundation funded project in sustainable agriculture here in North Carolina, Partners in Agriculture. Coordination of evaluation and use of the leadership program, Community Voices. Involvement in the community site of Operation Spring Plant with the development of a local cooperative farmers market and demonstrations

1992 - 1994 Member of the team which developed the Small Farm School as part of the Ways to Grow Project. Helped developed the agenda and sessions on market based decision making pertaining to the selection of alternative enterprises. Helped write and spoke in two Ways to Grow videos. Ways to Grow was a project at NCA&TSU funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

1989 - 1993 State team member in the W.K. Kellogg Foundation funded project, Community Voices, a leadership development program developed especially for the limited resource audience. Assisted with development, implementation and evaluation of the field test of the program materials for Community Voices.

1983 (March-September) Consultant, University of Massachusetts (Amherst) Dept. of Food and Resource Economics for a study of irrigated vegetable production in Eastern Massachusetts.


Dissertation and Thesis

1983 Disaggregated Econometric Analysis of the Impact of Interest Rates on International Trade in U.S. Soybeans, Soyoil and Soymeal, MS Thesis. Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama.

1976 Development in the Social Stratification of Northwest Ivory Coast During the 18th and 19th Centuries. Ph.D. Thesis, UCLA University Microfilms.

Cooperative Extension Programming Materials (authored or co-authored in a team work setting)

1998 Small Farm Decision Making Guide Book Program

1997 Cash Flow Record Book program

1996 "Engaging Community Citizens in Community and Economic Development" (a training session for CEMP #6).

1995 "Producing California Quality on Carolina Small Farms" video and guide for use.

1994- present "Ways to Grow "Know your market first" video and program guide.

1994 The Green Book (2nd edition). Editing and agenda layout.

1993 Comments in Direct Marketing in Sell What you Sow! by Eric Gibson Carmichael CA.

1992 "Ways to Grow Cash Flow Record Book"

1990 "Alternative Agricultural Opportunities" Taxonomy.

Articles, Chapters and Essays

"Evaluation voices: promoting evaluation from within programs through collaboration" with R.G. O'Sullivan. Evaluation & Program Planning. 21,1, 1998.

"The French Conquest of Northwest Ivory Coast. The Attempt of the Rulers of Kabadugu to control the situation," Cahiers d'études africaines: 23, (1-2), 89-90, 1983; 121-139.

"Farming Systems Research" in The Role of U. S. Universities in Rural and International Rural and Agricultural Development; edited by Brooke Schoepf. Tuskegee Institute, 1981; 141-145.

"Ivory Coast, "in Atlas of Africa; edited by J. Murray. Oxford, Phaidon Press, 1981; 193.

"Slavery in the Malinké Kingdom of Kabadougou", International Journal Of African History: 13, 4; 1980; 633-649.

"The Franco-Baoulé War, 1891-1911," in Journal of African Studies; 5,3; Fall 1978; 329?356.

"The U.P.C. in Cameroun," in UFAHAMU; 3, 1; 1972; 53-72.

Professional Papers

O'Sullivan J.M. "Evaluation processes in the 3rd year of a W.K. Kellogg IFS Sustainable Agriculture Project." Paper presented at the American Evaluation Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, November 8, 1997.

O'Sullivan J.M. & O1Sullivan, R.G. "Listening and sharing: an experience from a community development project." Paper presented at the American Evaluation Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, November 8, 1997.

O'Sullivan J.M. "Extension Evaluation GPRA, Cluster Evaluation and who knows what else." Paper presented at the American Evaluation Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, November 8, 1996.

O'Sullivan J.M. "Cluster Evaluation: Experience from a Kellogg Project and its Implications for Extension Evaluation." Paper presented at the American Evaluation Association Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC, Canada, November 6, 1995.

O'Sullivan J.M. & O'Sullivan, R.G. "Evaluation Voices: Implementing an Internal Cluster Evaluation of a W.K. Kellogg Funded Sustainable Agriculture Project in North Carolina Involving 2 Universities, 5 Social Action Organizations and 4 Community Sites." Paper presented at the American Evaluation Association Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, November 4, 1994.

O'Sullivan J.M. & O'Sullivan, R.G. "Evaluation Voices: Promoting Cluster Evaluations from within Programs". Paper presented at the Canadian Evaluation Society Annual Meeting Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, May 25, 1994.

O'Sullivan J.M. "The Time Factor in FSR/E Methods and Agricultural Sustainability: Observations Based on the Experience of the Agricultural Extension Program of NCA&TSU in North Carolina." Presented at the Farming Systems Research Symposium, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, October 10, 1989.

O'Sullivan J.M. "Agricultural Production In Transition. The French experience in the region of Timbuktu, from 1900- 1930" presented at the Fall SERSAS meeting, Duke University, October 1986.

O'Sullivan J.M. "Women and Agricultural Development. Reflections from the Field: North Carolina and French-Speaking West Africa; Market Niches and Root Crops." Paper prepared for presentation to the Scholars in Residence Program, Bennett College, Greensboro, October, 1986.

O'Sullivan J.M. "The Application of American Farm Management Principles in the Sahel, West African - Experience from Mali and Senegal." Paper presented at the Arid Lands Studies Conference, April 1982.

O'Sullivan J.M. "International Development Efforts for Food Production in West Africa: Irrigated Perimeters (Bakel, Senegal) and Action Riz-Sorgho (Gao, Mali)." An invited paper presented at the Spring SERSAS meeting, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC, March 1982.

O'Sullivan J.M. "Gao, Mali: Modes of Production at the Edge of the Desert." Paper presented at the Arid Lands Studies Conference, April 1981.

O'Sullivan J.M. "The Dyula Revolution." Paper presented at the African Studies Association Conference, October 1980.

O'Sullivan J.M. "Agricultural Development In Mali." Paper presented at the Arid Lands Studies Conference, April 1980.

O'Sullivan J.M. "Survey of Malian Farmers." USAID Bamako, July 1979.

Awards and Grants

Awards and Honors

R.E. Jones Award. the award of the NCA&TSU Coperative Extension Program for progamming excellence (November 1997).

Award of Excellence in Extension - Presented by the NCA&TSU Chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta the Honor Society of Agriculture (March 1990).

Fulbright-Hays Award for dissertation research (1974).

Grants Obtained and Managed

1996 $10,000 Sustainable Agriculture Professional Development Program Implementation Plan

1995 $10,000 Sustainable Agriculture Professional Development Program Implementation Plan

1994-97 $129,000 Kellogg grant for Partners in Agriculture

1994- present $ 110,000 Southern Regional Chapter 3 Training Consortium

1989-1990 $5,000 Grant for the development of the "Alternative Agricultural Opportunities" Taxonomy (USDA)

1987 $ 5,000 International Travel Grant from OICD (USDA)

Professional and Business Associations

Community Development Society

American Evaluation Association

Association for Farming Systems Research- Extension

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (Board member)

Canadian Evaluation Society

Southern Agricultural Economics Association

Rural Sociology Society


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